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Video 4 - Hair Growth Challenge: Night Time Routine

This simple night time routine takes only 2 minutes and makes a world of difference.

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Night time is a struggle for most naturals😣... Some of us twist our hair every night... some wrap it with advanced techniques (try to do that after a few glasses of wine.. on a Friday night lol 😐 ). Some of us put on a satin bonnet as soon as they come home from work... But either way.. it's usually a "thing" for us. 😓   Well, Queen...not anymore. 🙌

We've figured out the most simple, quick and easy night time routine that will have you sleeping like the Queen you are. No need for yet another skill set. (Even though we know you could if you wanted to, because hey... that's that magic you got ✨ ) 

This night time routine will.. 

  • ...cause NO friction, so NO frizz and NO hair breakage.
  • done in about 2 minutes...(Sis, we know you're tired right?!)
  • ...Assist in your hair growth as it keeps your strands moisturized and protected.  
  • ...Let your hair and scalp breath, so your scalp won't itch! Stop suffocating your scalp with a satin bonnet please. 
  • ..... oh.. and you will look and feel like the beautiful Queen you are.🔥

Watch the Night time routine video below! 

It's day 9 of your 30 Day Hair growth Challenge. And you're well on your way, beauty! Use this week for your second hair treatment routine, if you didn't get a chance this weekend. Keep pushing forward. You got this, Queen! 

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