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Video 8 - Hair Styling Tips - Braid Out vs. Twist Out

In this video we share some techniques for styling your hair with the braid out and twist out techniques. The technique in this video will help reduce frizz AND shrinkage. 


This is a great tool for those who are saying goodbye to the harmful stylers that contain silicones and mineral oils. If you love to set your style, use a healthy all-natural gel... Check out our Curls In Control Styling Gel, used in the video.


Products Used & Recommended 


Order : Curls in control Styling Gel $26.00



Smooth Strands Leave-in Detangler $22



Or Buy this LOC Ultimate Moisture Kit $86.00

This kit replaces the need for any stylers or oils. It moisturizes even the driest hair types and holds a perfect twist out-or braid out! 


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