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VIDEO: Straighten naturally curly hair

VIDEO BELOW. For women with curly or course hair, straightening the hair can be challenging. Not only can it be time consuming to style it with a hair dryer or a flat iron, it can also really damage the hair because of the heat. That’s why it is good to know that it is possible to straighten your hair relatively quickly and without any heat damage with the ISO Sunshine Pro Straightener. Keep on reading.

What you must know before!
For all hair types the rule applies that, if you’re going to straighten your hair with a flat iron or any other heat tool, it is very important to wash your hair first and to take care of it. Preferably use a hair mask, so your hair is in good condition before you start. This way your hair can tolerate a little more heat. Always use a heat protector before straightening or blowdrying your hair. I used Monoi Oil, a natural heat protector that protects your hair up to very high temperatures, but you can also buy a heat protectant such as Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum.

Extra tip for curly and course hair
If you have curly or course hair it is wise to first take out the curls by blowdrying your hair at a low temperature while using a comb or a brush to stretch out your hair. If you want to use as little heat as possible, you can also make some (about 6) tight, thick braids, so that your hair can already stretch out a little and it will be easier to straighten. You can blow-dry these braids with a diffuser or just let them air dry overnight. What I did is, I wrapped my hair tightly around my head, strand by strand, and I secured it with bobby pins. I slept like this and the next morning my hair was dry.

Youtube vlogger Naptural85 with a blow out before using a flat iron

Although I almost never straighten my hair, it can be nice for a change. For me this was the first time in two years. I love my curls, so I don’t like to say goodbye to them. Yet, I must say I was very happy with the result. My hair looked great for days and I could finally see the amount my hair had actually grown in the past few years. Also, my hair wasn’t damaged at all because of the good quality of the ISO Straightener. On this blog you can read my tips to let your hair grow longer. And watch the video above for the process and the results of straightening my hair.