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Pre-poo treatment


It feels like I have written countless posts on monoï oil and in fact in my mind I probably did – because its so great! Now that the temperatures are dropping drastically, there is no better time than now to start on your extra loving hair care regime! This time I’m using pre-poo treatment with Monoi Oil to moisturize and prepare my hair for washday. 


What is a pre-poo treatment?

It works, that’s what they say. But what does the pre-poo treatment even entail? It claims to be the perfect treatment before washing your hair. It is very popular in the natural hair community, however, it’s suitable for every hairtype! 

You can do a pre-poo a day before your actual washday, or even a few hours before washing it. It most likely isn’t a treatment you will do weekly, simply because it costs time. Pre-poo is nothing more than covering your hair fully in oil. Monoï oil is ideal for a pre-poo, since it isn’t too oily but does give your hair the shine, moisture and hydration it needs. A pre-poo with monoï oil will give your hair:

  • intens nutrition: your hair will get the ultimate moisture boost before washing your hair;
  • easy to detangle: when curls are wet, they are at their most vulnareble state. Monoï oil protects your hair whilst washing it, and will simultaneously detangle it;
  • protection: Monoï oil creates a protective layer on each hair shaft, to protect it from outside dangers. Also, shedding and breakage is brought to a minimum. 

How does it work?

  • I start sectioning my hair;
  • Then I apply Pre-poo treatment Monoi Oil on my first section: from roots to end. While I apply the oil, I also massage my scalp, to get the blood flow running.  I twist my first section and repeat this proces with the other sections;
  • While I get ready for bed, I wrap my hair in a satin scarf;
  • Extra: if you want optimal moisture; wrap your hair in a plastic cap before putting on your satin scarf. This makes for the ‘green house effect’ a hot and steamy situation for your hair, which also stimulates hair growth.

My opinion

My curls surely felt way softer than normal after washing! Still, I am having a hard time believing I’ll do this treatment more than once a month, just because it took up so much time. I do believe if you take the time, and stick to this methode,  your hair will benefit from all the great assets to this regime! Next to the luscious nutrition your curls get from the pre-poo, your hair wil retain length, strength and it is of course also a fantastic pamper moment!