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How to grow longer hair


Having longer hair is one of the most popular beauty wishes of women. Even though longer hair is not always more beautiful than shorter hair, it often gives us an very feminine feeling. Below, you find 6 tips to let your hair grow faster. In no time you will enjoy your longer hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Facts about long hair:

  • Number one reason for hair breakage is friction
  • Your hair grows about 1 cm (0,5 inches) each month
  • Your hair grows faster in summer than in winter, because of the warmth and the sunlight which both stimulate the growth
  • Curly hair is drier than straight hair, which makes it more fragile
  • Curly hair grows as fast as straight hair, but the effect is less visible because of the curl


1. Massage your scalp
By massaging your scalp regularly with your fingertips, you will stimulate the growth process of your hair. You can do this by using enriching oils like Monoi Oil and coconut oil or a conditioner. You can massage the oil on your scalp the night before you are going to wash your hair with the Monoi Oil Pre-Poo Treatment. Or with Essential Nourishing Conditioner can be massaged on the scalp while washing your hair. This will stimulate the blood flow trough your scalp which will make your hair grow faster.


2. Take care of your ends
Often, when your hair won’t get longer, the problem is not the actual hair growth, because your hair always grows. The cause often lies in the breaking of the ends. By taking care of your hair daily by using enriching oils, like Monoi Oil Coco Dream Treatment, you protect your hair against breakage. Distribute a drop of oil between your hands and work it carefully into the ends of your hair. 


3. Wear your hair up
When you wear your hair down, the ends will constantly rub against your clothes. This will damage the ends which will cause them to break off easily. If you want to let your hair grow, the best you can do is putting your hair up, for example in a bun. However, regular scrunchies and hair ties can break and tangle your hair. Use a Silk scrunchie to prevent cutting in your hair. Also do not wear you hair too tight. Tight hair styles can be a cause of traction alopecia. This is hair loss due to pulling and stretching your hairs from the roots. 

Silk Scrunchies



4. Sleep on a REAL Silk Pillowcase
You hear it more and more often among the beauty lovers. A silk pillowcase is better for your hair and skin. A silk pillowcase doesn’t damage your hair, because its gives NO friction. The surface is way softer than a cotton pillowcase. Besides, your hair won’t tangle as much, which will cause it to break off less easy.


5. Don’t cut your hair too often
Hairdressers often recommend to cut your hair ends every 6 weeks. However, your hair only grows 1,5 cm in those 6 weeks. There is no point in cutting it all off again. By nourishing and protecting your ends with our Monoi Oil products, you will see that you need a haircut less often, and your hair can grow long.



6. Measuring is knowing
Sometimes your hair is growing, but you don’t notice it because it doesn’t go as fast as you want. That’s why some ladies measure the length of their hair with a tape measure. You can also see the difference by taking a picture of your hair every 6 months. This will encourage you to let it grow longer.


With these tips, I finally managed to let my hair grow in the last few years. For me, the products shared in this blog were a great solution.