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Up to 2” inches hair growth per month!

Our 30 Day Hair Growth Kit is a 3-product bundle.

✔️Split-Ends Remedy Treatment

-Repairs damage to retain length.

✔️Essential Oil Cleansing Conditioner

-Removes growth blockers  while stimulating growth.

✔️Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment - Hair growth Oil
-Nourishes the roots and protects hair from damage.



Naturally grow your hair faster, without messy and time consuming treatments.

✔️A complete wash day routine

✔️Contains 3 products formulated for optimal hair growth

✔️All natural Ingredients

✔️Visible results in less than 30 days

Using this routine for 30 days will get your hair healthy and ignite your hair growth. The natural ingredients penetrate hair and scalp, grow back your edges, fill in your thinning spots and grow your hair FAST. 🙌

Free participation in our 30 day Hair Growth Challenge with guidance from our Natural Hair Experts. 🤝


Here's how we predict your hair will change!


Who is it for?🙋🏾

Our Hair Growth Kit has helped hundreds of women that struggle with hair conditions, such as:  🧐

   🚫Dry hair

   🚫Thinning edges

   🚫Hair loss

   🚫Hair Breakage

   🚫Heat damaged hair

   🚫Hair breakage

   🚫Transitioning from chemical treatments

   🚫Natural hair that struggles to grow

This proven method grows your hair longer and thicker in just 30 days!




Much Love,

Chanyn & Chanaz

Double Beauty Founders