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5 Reasons to avoid Mineral Oil

I’m not judging! I too used to cover my face and body in baby oil. Dax Hair Pomade was my daily and Murray’s hair pomade my go-to for extra dry days.... I used to apply Vaseline to my lips every 30 seconds!

I had it so bad that I would literally panic when I realized I forgot my purse with little tub of Vaseline at home. Just the thought of my extremely uncomfortably dry lips would make me cringe and lick my lips excessively, which only seemed to make things worse! 

Oh yes, I remember the ashy legs at the end of every night and the start of each day... It seems many of us have moved on to other supposedly better products... but were these products really better for my healthy hair and skin goals? My hair was just always as dry as it had always been... and I soon found out that 1% of coconut oil in those hair creams did not make a difference whatsoever.

The only way to find out if a product is really better is by looking at the ingredients. I’ve said it before... ingredients matter...! Some people will disagree and swear by mineral oils till the day they die.. but here are 5 reasons I avoid them at all costs... and why I firmly believe that you should too!

Mineral oil fact 1

It is a by-product of petroleum in the production of gasoline

• It’s on ingredients list as: paraffin oil, paraffinum liquidum, petrolenatum and petrolatum.

• Some mineral oils are known carcinogens. Even thought to cause cancer.


Mineral oil fact 2

It locks moisture in and OUT

• It clogs pores which causes break-outs and black-heads.

• It locks out any moisture, and other healthy ingredients you apply after.

• Along with moisture it also locks in anything else on your hair and skin... like bacteria and product build-up


Mineral oil fact 3

It sits in top of your hair and skin...

• It cannot penetrate the surface

• It doesnt have any nourishing benefits for hair or skin

• While it sits on top it also attracts more dust and dirt


Mineral oil Fact 4

Needs Shampoo (more often)

• To combat negative effects you will need a harsher (moisture stripping) cleanser as a co-wash just will not be enough.

• If you don’t Shampoo frequently the mineral oil will keep building up on top of your hair and cause it to be even dryer!


Mineral oil fact 5

It causes mineral oil “addiction”

• Once you start using it, you will notice the need to apply it more and more often throughout the day

• And if you don’t your lips will feel dryer than ever!

• If you’ve ever used vaseline, lip smacker, Labello or carmex for your lips you will recognize this, right?


Mineral oil bonus fact

There are better alternatives now

• We didn’t use to know about all these lovely natural alternatives... but now we do!

• Natural ingredients can seal in moisture and nourish hair and skin.

• Natural oils like Monoi Oil can actually penetrate the hair and skin for deeper long-lasting moisture.


Product Recommendation

1.Monoi Oil Coco Dream Treatment

Natural Oil treatment perfect for dry damaged hair. besides being ultra moisturizing it is known for healing and restorative properties

2. Skin envy day moisturizer

Natural face cream with aloe vera and coconut oil. Contains extract of rooibos and pomegranate for ultra nourishing moisture


3. One love hemp moisturizer

Talking about beneficial... this moisturizer is packed with restoring ingredients such as organic hemp seed oil which will bring life back to even the most damaged and dry skin.