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5 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Hey Queen 👑, are you ready to get your best hair growth results this summer?!
Well, these 5 tips will get you well on your way! 

Healthy hair growth starts from the roots.

Your roots need protein and omega fatty acids to grow natural hair faster. Our Monoi oil miracle treatment contains both. Apply this on your scalp after washing your hair. It's a natural solution proven to reduce hair breakage by 98% immediately. 🤯




Repair dry damaged ends.

Your ends are the driest and most brittle part of your hair. What happens with curly hair, is that the oil that we naturally create in our scalp has trouble reaching our ends, that's why it's more difficult to keep your ends moisturized. What a lot of people don't know is that, when you have dry or damaged ends, you can actually repair those dry ends. 

Split Ends Remedy is a natural oil treatment to recover damaged ends. You apply it on lightly damp hair, focusing on your ends. By covering it with a shower cap, you give your hair the chance to really absorb the nutrient. The great thing is it contains 50% of Monoi Oil, which is known for its restoring properties. After just one time use you will see that your hair ends are a lot less dry and a lot less damaged. 😍


Dry hair breaks more easily.

We all know that natural curly hair is more difficult to keep moisturized. You need to add moisture to your hair on a daily basis. It’s important to avoid ingredients that dry out your hair, like silicones and mineral oils. Another thing you should avoid is sulfates in shampoo.

We recommend Essential Oil Cleansing Conditioner.  🥥
It gently cleanses your hair without stripping its moisture and contains essential peppermint oil and essential tea tree oil. Both these ingredients are known to be antifungal and antibacterial. They are super cleansing and stimulate your hair roots to grow. ❤️



Ingredients Matter

Products that state “Made for curly hair” or “Natural Ingredients” can still contain ingredients that are known to be damaging your hair. For example silicones, cover your hair, give the hold factor and give the illusion of shine. But silicones in your hair products also block out moisture. So pay attention to ingredients. You can download our Free detox guide here, to learn more about ingredients to avoid.  


Our Miracle Treatment is amazing for moisture and is the best in protecting and restoring your natural hair. You definitely want to have this into your routine. It will do wonders for your hair and scalp and contains no harmful or toxic ingredients. 💕



Keep it Simple

Longer wash day routines are harder to stick with, so we advise you to keep it simple. A wash day routine that you can actually stick with, so you can do it more frequently and take care of your hair growth better. 🥰


Our wash day routine in the 30 Day Hair Growth Kit only has THREE simple steps. 



All the products in this kit smell amazing! I know we've always been told “no pain no gain” or “beauty is pain”. But that's not actually true. You can have it all. You can have an amazing self care wash routine, and have amazing results! 🙌



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Much Love,

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