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All I Wanted Was Hair That Grew Past My Shoulders

All I wanted was hair that grew past my shoulders… but instead I got that PLUS happy hair and easy haircare! This 30 Day Hair Growth Kit is the Bomb!!! Get you some. We’re having a summer sale 🤗 your hair will grow 1” - 2” inches per month and has never been so moisturized and soft 🥰 Join our community of successful Queens in happy hair care! 😍

Three easy steps to get that hair you love!

"30 Day Hair Growth Kit"

Naturally grow your hair faster, without messy and time consuming treatments.

✔️A complete wash day routine
✔️Contains 3 products formulated for optimal hair growth
✔️All natural Ingredients
✔️Visible results in less than 30 days

Using this routine for 30 days will get your hair healthy and ignite your hair growth.
The natural ingredients penetrate hair and scalp, grow back your edges, fill in your thinning spots and grow your hair FAST. 🤩

STEP 1 👆 ️Split Ends Remedy- Apply on your hair, focusing on your hair ends, and cover it with a shower cap. By covering it, your hair can really absorb the nutrients. It contains 50% monoi oil, which is known for its restoring properties. Just after one time use, you will see that your hair ends are a lot less dry and a lot less damaged.  ️  ️

STEP 2 ✌️ Essential Oil Cleansing Conditioner- In the 30 days Hair Growth Challenge, we don’t use shampoo. We use a Cleansing Conditioner instead. It cleanses your hair without stripping its moisture. It has essential peppermint oil and essential tea tree oil. Both these ingredients are known to be anti fungal and antibacterial. They are super cleansing and stimulate your hair roots to grow.

STEP 3 👌 Miracle Treatment-  Apply this restoring oil, on your washed hair and scalp when still soaking wet. You can use it everyday. Just spritz your hair with water, then apply the Miracle Treatment. This oil is amazing for moisture, protection and restoring of your hair.

Three Easy Steps! 😎


With us on your side, you can be sure that your hair goals will be met! We got your back, front, edges and ends, Queen! Let's do this!



Much Love,



Chanyn & Chanaz

Natural Hair Coaches, Double Beauty Founders