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VIDEO: Best Night Time Routine to safe time in the morning and keep hair healthy!


We are all about making your natural hair care routine simple and less time consuming. This Night time routine is my personal favorite for keeping my hair in great health and style! Its takes a couple of minutes each night and safes me 30 minutes in the morning... because I am ready to go! 

I use:




    Some benefits of sleeping on Silk:
    • Hair glides over it with no friction. That means that sleeping on Silk will prevent breakage, split ends and even minimize frizz and tangles. 
    • ​Silk helps retain moisture, so you will need to use less of the expensive moisturizers by preventing the moisture loss in the first place. 
    • ​The smoother surface makes for less crinkling. Over time, it prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging. 
    Enjoy this easy night time routine with huge benefits for your hair and skin!