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Hey Queens! 👑

Curly naturals need these styling methods for their natural hair!
See which one fits you best and get the best tips on mastering the Braid-out and Twist-out techniques.😎

These two hair styles are probably the most popular styles among naturals, so let's check each style and talk about the pros and cons. 🧐

Twist-out 🥨



  • Twist-out gives curl definition. If you prefer a curlier look, get that from twist-outs.
  • Twist-out last a long time, as the days go on twist-out starts to look even better.
  • Twist out give more shrinkage and volume, If you love shrinkage Twist-out is great. 


  • Twist-out can get frizzy if you don’t take them down correctly.
  • Also, if you don’t like shrinkage, then this style may not be your favorite. Apply our Smooth Strands Leave-in Detangler from Double Beauty before twisting your hair. 🥰

Double Beauty Smooth Strands Leave-in Detangler

All natural Hydrating Spray to detangle and moisturize hair.

Leave hair tangle-free and incredibly soft and smooth, with a shiny bounce. ️

     ✔️Moisturize and condition hair
     ✔️Quick and easy detangler
     ✔️Leaves curls bouncy and shiny
     ✔️Does not weigh hair down


Braid-out 😍




  • Braid-out will stretch out your hair more, so if you don’t like shrinkage, then braid-out might be the choice for you. 
  • Braid-out is typically less frizzy than twist-out.

We use Curls In Control Styling Gel from Double Beauty, to ensure hold and definition on your natural hair look. The conditioning ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Provitamin B5 make sure your hair stays healthy and soft. Enjoy shiny, defined waves & curls for days with NO flakes and NO crunch. Curls should never be kept under control, but in control. 😍



  • Sometimes it is a hassle to take down the braids without causing frizz.
  • It takes my hair a long time to dry when I do braid-outs on wet hair. Try it on dry or damp hair for a quicker set time and more length. We also use Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment from Double Beauty to seal in moisture and adds shine. 🥰



One style is not better than the other. It’s simply a matter of preference. Some Queens prefer twist-outs while others prefer braid-outs and that’s absolutely fine. Both styles have their pros and cons, which will differ from one person to another. The products you choose play a major role in your definition and the longevity of your style.

Pure Natural Hair Care from Double Beauty ❤️




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