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How breast cancer survivor Trishone Jiles found hope after almost giving up on her natural hair

After 6 years of being declared breast cancer-free Thrishone could not seem to grow her hair back out. Before being diagnosed with breast cancer Thrishone had long natural locks down to her back. Her hair was a part of her identity and definitely something she was proud of. Pretty soon after starting radiation she started loosing locs at random times of the day... in public... at the work place. Can you imagine how hard it was to make the courageous but very painful decision to shave off all her hair? She just wanted to take control over her life.... and her hair was a big part of her identity and life. 

After a year of cancer treatments and surviving the difficult journey of battling breast cancer Thrishone was ready to start a new journey. She wanted to grow her hair back out.... But her hair was so different from before. It was soft like baby hair and was much thinner. Just happy to be alive, Trishone kept her hopes high and just kept taking care of her hair in hopes it would eventually grow back... But after 6 years of vefry minimal growth.... Trishone was about to give up.. She still had bald spots on top of her head and it just wouldn't grow like she would see other women's hair grow. She was so frustrated that she started to think about going back to bald.... She was tired of fighting... tired of struggling with the insecurities the bald spots gave her... She kept trying to cover it up.. But in her mind.. It would always still be visibile. 

Then early September 2020 she tried the 30 Day Hair Growth Challenge as a last resort... what did she have to lose?

After the first washday with the 30 Day Hair Growth Routine. Trishone sent me this text! 
Then 2 weeks later she send me this text! She was amazed and happy with the results she could feel and see!
And then after she finished the 30 Day Hair Growth Challenge....... No More Bald Spot!!! and 1"- 2" inches hair growth.. In just 30 days!! 

Now Trishone is hopeful again! Not just hopeful but excited! She can't wait to see what her hair will do over the next couple of months with the 30 Day Hair Growth Routine.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to help Trishone and so many other Natural Queens to grow healthy hair and to find pride and joy in their hair again. Watch Trishone tell her own story in this live interview

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