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Is This Your Instagram Feed? Stop! ⛔

A couple of years ago I stopped using Instagram because all I saw were women with “perfect” bodies and flawless make-up. And I was starting to feel like I did not fit into these “new” and impossible beauty standards. So now I was thinking my pictures were lacking and I should just “hide” in private.😢

✋🏽⛔️ If this is what your Instagram feed looks like you’re getting your beauty inspiration from the wrong place. This is not beauty it’s a way of masking and hiding yourself to all look like the same darn woman.

Yes to each it’s own, but do not fall into the idea of fake booty, tits and hair with a hint of liposuction and a couple hundred $ in make-up.... I’m sorry, but not sorry 😐 I said what I said.

If all real women “hide” how are our sisters and daughters going to see real beauty? No sisters, we need to shine a light on “us” and make sure the world keeps seeing real women with real beauty. 💃🏾

Invest in your own natural beauty and look like yourself! You shouldn’t have to change your appearance to feel beautiful. Self care and self love are the answer.  

That’s what our brand is built around! A sisterhood of Queens supporting one another and seeing our natural beauty reflected in all of your natural beauties 😍🤩 And oooh... how much we love what we see! Our Natural Hair Instagram account focuses on Pure Natural Hair Care. ❤️ We feel blessed to be part of your sisterhood of support and reflection 🥰 We love you more than life, sisters.❤️ If you are looking for the right inspiration, I recommend our Natural Hair Instagram account. Follow and Like @doublebeautynaturals. 👍 

Nourish your Crown, Claim Your Throne 👑

In our Natural Hair Instagram account, we believe that beauty comes naturally and it's up to us to nourish it, 💪🏽 By making hair care easy, simple and super effective. We help natural Queens get the best out of life.

Nothing but the best for you Queen, because you flat out deserve it! ❤️





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With us on your side, you can be sure that your hair goals will be met! We got your back, front, edges and ends, Queen! Let's do this!


Much Love,


Chanyn & Chanaz

Natural Hair Coaches, Double Beauty Founders