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Moisturizing Summer Routine Tips

I love the summer and I love outdoor activities, but this Florida Heat will have me thirsty. So I’m all about keeping myself hydrated! That goes for my body, my hair and my skin. 💁🏽‍♀️

My hair used to be sooo dry in the summer but now I got that covered 💃 this was a 7 day twist out ☺️ and it still looked pretty healthy and moisturized..

In this blog I’ll share my best tips for keeping your hair moisturized this summer. 🌞

TIP#1 I washed my hair with the 3 steps of the 30-Day Hair Growth Kit.
Using this natural hair routine for 30 days will get your hair healthy and ignite your hair growth. The natural ingredients penetrate hair and scalp, grow back your edges, fill in your bald spots and grow your hair FAST.

STEP 1 👆 ️Split Ends Remedy- Apply on your hair, focusing on your hair ends, and cover it with a shower cap. By covering it, your hair can really absorb the nutrients. It contains 50% monoi oil, which is known for its restoring properties. Just after one time use, you will see that your hair ends are a lot less dry and a lot less damaged.  ️  ️

STEP 2 ✌️ Essential Oil Cleansing Conditioner- In the 30 days Hair Growth Challenge, we don’t use shampoo. We use a Cleansing Conditioner instead. It cleanses your hair without stripping its moisture. It has essential peppermint oil and essential tea tree oil. Both these ingredients are known to be anti fungal and antibacterial. They are super cleansing and stimulate your hair roots to grow.

STEP 3 👌 Miracle Treatment-  Apply this restoring oil, on your washed hair and scalp when still soaking wet. You can use it everyday. Just spritz your hair with water, then apply the Miracle Treatment. This oil is amazing for moisture, protection and restoring of your hair and it is best for dry hair.


TIP#2 and then twisted my Hair with Shea On Me, whipped Shea butter mixture for a bomb twist out that lasts me forever 🙌 seriously!! This will be my only natural hair routine this summer, because I’m in love! This versatile cream is great for the entire body, head to toe, and will leave skin and hair soft and supple without feeling greasy or weighed down. Best for dry hair and for twist out.

TIP#3 I sprits my hair with water daily and add a few drops of Miracle Treatment, best for dry hair. Made of pure monoi de tahiti oil with a twist of sweet coconut to take you to your tropical island dream.

Oh and even though I’m drinking a fresh strawberry lemonade ( with a shot of vodka 🤫) in this pic… I drink about 3 liter (0.8 gallon) of water a day.. 💦




Much Love,

Chanyn & Chanaz

Double Beauty Founders