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Here's why we love our Silk Pillowcase! It's the kindest and least disruptive to your hair and skin... 🥰

This set includes a 100% Silk Pillowcase and 1 matching 100% Silk Scrunchy.

It's smooth texture makes your hair glide over it without any friction. That means that sleeping on Silk will prevent breakage, split ends and even minimize Frizz and tangles.

  • Hair glides over with NO FRICTION. That means prevent breakage, split ends and minimize frizz and tangles. 
  • Retain Moisture, so you use less moisturizers and creams.
  • No more sleeping crinkles and less signs of aging.



Hey Queen, 👑

You’ve probably heard the hype around Silk Pillowcase.. and why it’s different from your satin pillowcase or bonnet..🧐 You’re probably wondering if it’s worth it.. What is the hype about?! Well let me break it down for you. Here are the biggest differences between silk an satin. 👇

Silk is a natural fabric, made from thread produced by silkworms.

  • Silk has a super smooth texture, so that your hair glides over it without any friction. That means you'll be you'll be less likely to wake up with frizzy hair, tangles or bedhead. 🧏🏽‍♀️
  • Silk doesn't absorb moisture, so you hair will stay moisturized. This leads to less dry hair and less breakage. 💦
  • Silk is 100% hypoallergenic therefore it may prevent eczema, scalp irritation and breakouts on your skin.
  • Silk is one of the most breathable fabrics, which prevent sweating and keeps you cool at night.

Satin, on the other hand, is actually a weave rather than a fabric. A man-made fabric – usually polyester. Polyester is made from oil polymers, and its chemical structure is actually very similar to plastic.

  • Satin is a type of weave usually made from polyester or nylon. Therefore, it is not sustainable or particularly environmentally friendly to produce.
  • Satin has less of a shine than silk, there is no fabric with the naturally luxurious shine as silk.
  • Satin is not breathable, so it may feel sticky and make you sweat.
  • Satin is not hypoallergenic. Satin bonnets and pillowcases can suffocate the scalp and cause itchy scalp and break outs.😞
  • Satin can also be made from natural cotton. Cotton pillowcases are known to absorb oils from your hair and skin, which can make your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage.


Sleeping Cutie SILK Pillowcase Set

This is how I use and love my Silk Pillowcase at night. Watch my short night time routine. 😍





    Much Love,

    Chanyn & Chanaz
    Double Beauty Founders