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Wear It Like a Crown 👑


I consider myself so lucky to have grown up in my mother’s house. My mom is my example of what I want to be as a mother to my children. She’s my hero. 🦸‍♀️ But for all that’s she has done right... there’s also a part I am determined to do better than my mother. In the early years children desire their parent’s ✅ approval more than anything else. I never knew if my mother thought I was beautiful until late in my teens when I straight up asked her the question. 🤷‍♀️ Before then I can only remember getting compliments from her about my hair after I blow dried it straight! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I am determined to teach my daughter she is beautiful the way God created her. 🥰She’s only 1 year old now but I believe that job starts now! I give my baby girl lots of compliments about her hair, about her smile, about her abilities, about her accomplishments. 🙏 I pray she will grow up being self confident and to never doubt her beauty or her capability. 💪

Before we teach our daughters how to style their hair... we must teach them to feel good about their hair! To wear it like a 👑.

We have to do better for our young girls and women now! Let’s make sure we show ourselves proudly, beautifully, loudly and naturally! We have nothing to hide.. 🥰 our hair is magnificent and beautiful as natural as it is. ☘️

We would love to share with you our very own 30 Day Hair Growth Kit. 😍 If you're struggling with dry hair, hair breakage and hair loss, this simple washday routine helps you grow visibly healthy hair so you will feel confident and proud. 💯

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Naturally grow your hair faster, without messy and time consuming treatments.

  • A complete wash day routine 
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  • All natural Ingredients
  • Visible results in less than 30 days


With us on your side, you can be sure that your hair goals will be met! We got your back, front, edges and ends, Queen! Let's do this!



Much Love,



Chanyn & Chanaz

Natural Hair Coaches, Double Beauty Founders