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You’re The Good One, She’s The Bad One

“You’re the good one, she’s the bad one” or “one of you is more chubby” 😱 can you imagine hearing those comparing statements at such a young age?! 🤯

In this picture we were about 6 years old and had been used to it already... as identical twins people are always trying to find ways to tell us apart 👀👯‍♀️ and “unknowingly” can make young girls insecure and competitive... However at this young age we had found a way to cope... 🙅🏽‍♀️ if someone said anything negative to one of us... there came the other one 🏃🏽‍♀️to their defense💪 lol

So... at the age of 6 they separated us into two different classes... together we were too strong for our teachers and our classmates. 🥴

We were devastated! 😭while I stayed safe and comfortable, they picked Chanaz to change classes... why? Because she was apparently the “stronger” one, so she would be able to deal with it better. 🤔

And well... it worked... this way we were both more manageable for the world to handle us.. 😤😣 Into our preteens and teen years the comparisons kept coming😖 and at one point I started to take them as the truth. 😒

But luckily nothing could separate the bond we had! Where everyone would focus on our differences, we could only see a continuous reflection of ourselves in each other. 👩‍❤️‍👩 I cry, she cries😢.... She fights, I fight✊ I smile, she smiles 🥰.... but most Importantly when she wins, I win! 👏🏽 This mindset is how we still rock till this day! But not just for the two of us.. we feel this way about all our sister queens 👸🏽 when one looks good, we all look good, Queens!


That’s what our brand is built around! A sisterhood of Natural Hair Queens supporting one another and seeing our natural beauty reflected in all of your natural beauties 😍🤩 And oooh... how much we love what we see! Black women owned hair brand. We feel blessed to be part of your sisterhood of support and reflection. 🥰 We love you more than life, sisters.❤️ Double Beauty is a black women owned hair brand, with a mission to address the gaps in the hair care industry for people of color. 


Nourish your Crown, Claim Your Throne 👑

We believe that beauty comes naturally and it's up to us to nourish it. By making hair care easy, simple and super effective. We help Natural Hair Queens get the best out of life. Being part of sisterhood means never being alone.💪🏽 We want to encourage Natural Hair Queens to embrace their own uniqueness. Because natural is beautiful. 😍

Black women have a unique set of hair care needs that aren’t easily understood which is why, Double Beauty a black women owned hair brand who create products specially formulated for our Natural Hair that hold a special place in our hearts.❤️

Nothing but the best for you Queen, because you flat out deserve it! ❤️



With us on your side, you can be sure that your hair goals will be met! We got your back, front, edges and ends, Queen! Let's do this!



Much Love,


Chanyn & Chanaz

Natural Hair Coaches, Double Beauty Founders