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Water Mist Bottle
Water Mist Bottle
Water Mist Bottle

Water Mist Bottle

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Water Mist Sprayer for Hair Hydration 

- Spritz your hair with water 

- Continuous mist 

- Great for everyday use to refresh or hydrate your curls

- Perfect to wet hair before applying the Split Ends Remedy


This water mist Sprayer is the only sprayer your hair will ever want! It give a continuous mist, which doesn't wet hair, but lightly spritzes your hair with water. That's why your hair style won't be affected on 2nd or 3rd day hair. You can spray a bit of water in your hair every night and every morning which will lead to hair growth and healthy hair. Use bottled water or mineral water in your spray bottle if your tap water is "hard". You hair will thank you for it! The bottle arrives empty and is reusable and of high quality! 

200 ml / 6.7 oz

*Product is shipped by our Partner Facility, so will be packed and delivered separately from your Double Beauty Hair Care Products. Shipped from the U.S.