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Hair Detox Kit - A fresh Start
Hair Detox Kit - A fresh Start
Hair Detox Kit - A fresh Start
Hair Detox Kit - A fresh Start

Hair Detox Kit - A fresh Start

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Completely detox your hair with this super clarifying duo! Get rid of all build up of nasty chemicals & toxic ingredients. Start fresh. 

Ok, Queen... So you've decided on natural hair care.. Good for you! You've come to the right place. Before putting all our natural goodies on your hair, make sure they can actually reach your hair and scalp. This Detox gives you the fresh start you've been waiting for. 

  • 2 products formulated to clarify hair and scalp  
  • Cleanses hair and scalp from product build-up
  • Your hair will not feel stripped and dry, but will feel clean and soft
  • Treats dry and itchy scalp and helps remove dandruff
  • 100% Natural goodness of Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil & Activated Charcoal

The kit Contains: 

  1. Essential Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo 8 oz.  
  2. So Fresh & So Clean Charcoal Mask 3.4 Oz



Directions : 

1. Shampoo hair and massage scalp with the Essential Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo. Essential Tea Tree oil calms and unclogs your hair shafts and scalp, while Essential Peppermint Oil works antibacterial and stimulating. Rinse out with plenty of water. 

2. Apply So Fresh & So Clean Charcoal mask to hair and scalp and leave in for 10 - 20 minutes. Activated Charcoal deeply clarifies your hair and scalp and removes build-up and toxic leftovers. Packed with aloe vera juice and vitamins for added hydration and ultimate softness. Rinse out with plenty of water. 

Now enjoy your toxin free hair and go be great! 

TIP! Feel free to use both detox products on skin, face and body. Just avoid the eye area. It works wonders on acne prone and oily skin. Get those pores clarified. 

Repeat these Detox steps every 4 weeks and watch your natural hair (and skin) flourish.