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Luxurious Nights - Gift Set
Luxurious Nights - Gift Set
Luxurious Nights - Gift Set
Luxurious Nights - Gift Set

Luxurious Nights - Gift Set

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The Gift of Healthy Hair & Luxurious Care  

This Holiday Season we've paired up some of our most popular products to create the gift of healthy hair and luxurious care. Ships in a beautiful gift box to put straight under the tree. 

This gift sends out a clear message to make a Queen feel special. Nothings says Royal like the luxury of 100% pure Silk.

Combined with the Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment this set provides a caring night time routine with endless benefits. 

Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment

End the fight against dry hair, Reduce Hair Breakage, Reverse the signs of Damage and Love your hair! 

This 5-in-1 hair treatment transforms your hair in just 1 use! 
  1. Restores dry and damaged hair from within

  2. Strengthens hair with natural protein

  3. Prevents breakage for longer thicker hair

  4. Seals in moisture and adds shine

  5. Stimulates hair growth and calms itching scalp

Monoï Oil Coco Dream Treatment is produced exactly like the ancient Maohi people of Tahiti. With respect for nature and the beautiful people of this land. We follow a rigorous and expensive quality control process, which makes our treatment more expensive to produce than most other store-bought hair treatments. Made of pure Monoi de Tahiti Oil Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment is equal to or better than luxury hair repair treatments in salons fr $300 to $400 or more... 

  • 99% pure Monoï oil
  • Intense treatment for hair & skin
  • Perfect travel companion bottle to use whenever wherever!
  • Use on freshly washed hair to replenish your hair with moisture, strength and love!
  • With the tropical fragrance of the Tiare flower. 

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil), Gardenia Tahitensis flower, Tocopherol (vitamin E)

Sleeping Cutie Silk Pillowcase set

This set includes a 100% Silk Pillowcase and 1 matching 100% Silk Scrunchy.

It's smooth texture makes your hair glide over it without any friction. That means that sleeping on Silk will prevent breakage, split ends and even minimize Frizz and tangles. 

  • Hair glides over with NO FRICTION. That means prevent breakage, split ends and minimize frizz and tangles. 
  • Retain Moisture, so you use less moisturizers and creams. 
  • No more sleeping crinkles and less signs of aging. 

That's why we love our Silk Pillowcase! It's the kindest and least disruptive to your hair and skin...


Beauty Hacks :

  • Use Monoi Oil Miracle Treatment warm as a hot oil treatment or body packing/massage. Warm oil penetrates better into your hair and skin.
  • Mix a few drops of Monoi Oil Coco Dream treatment with your conditioner to make any conditioner into a Deep Treatment! Helps penetrate the conditioner and protects during your detangling proces.