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LOC Ultimate Moisture Kit
LOC Ultimate Moisture Kit
LOC Ultimate Moisture Kit
LOC Ultimate Moisture Kit

LOC Ultimate Moisture Kit

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This Ultimate Moisture Set is perfect for dry hair. If you use the LOC Method, you've never seen it work like this trio! Ever wondered what it would be like to have moisturised hair for days...? This set will do the trick and finally give you the moisture and shine you deserve. Type 3 and 4 hair will love this set packed with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Monoi Oil and Shea Butter. 

The set Includes: 

1. One Love Hemp Seed Moisturiser

2. Monoi Oil Coco Dream Treatment 

3. Shea On Me Cream


The LOC Method is a widely used moisturizing method for naturals all over the world. It stands for Leave-in (L), Oil (O), Cream (C) = LOC method. This Ultimate Moisture Set is formulated to take your moisturizing routine to the next level with only natural goodness, no "fake shine" created by silicones or mineral oils that sit on top of your hair. Only nourishing ingredients that give long lasting and seal the hair cuticles for shine. 

Directions for use:

On freshly washed wet hair apply all 3 products in sections. Starting with One Love Hemp Seed Moisturizer, followed by the Monoi Oil Coco Dream Treatment and then the Shea On Me Cream.


Note. If you prefer the LCO method, feel free to switch up the steps.