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SILK Scrunchie Black 3-Pack
SILK Scrunchie Black 3-Pack

SILK Scrunchie Black 3-Pack

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Tight Hairstyles and hair bands are a mayor cause of hair breakage

Protective hairstyles, like putting your hair up in a bun, is a well-known "trick" to keep your hair from breaking off. But... in reality tight hairstyles are pulling and stretching your hair away from the roots, potentially causing breakage or hair loss. This is called Traction Alopecia. That is why a lot of women have reclining edges. 

PLUS the friction from "regular" elastic scrunchies can cut your hair and create tangles and hair damage. 

That's why we recommend our 100% Mulberry SILK scrunchies, that will keep your hair up without having to pull it super tight and will glide over your hair without causing ANY friction or damage. 

  • Does NOT cut into your hair
  • Does NOT pull your hair away from the roots
  • NO Friction 
  • NO hair Breakage
  • NO Tangles

This product is not Vegan. The only way to make REAL natural silk is from the silkworms.