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About Monoi Oil

Monoi Oil

The secret of our products is Monoï Oil; a century-old recipe from Tahiti, traditionally used for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. The rich combination of natural pure coconut oil and the healing Tiaré Flower make the delicious Monoi oil. This powerful blend helps to unlock your natural beauty assets. With pure love and nourishment Monoï Oil will give you access to the healthy hair and soft skin you’ve been longing for.

The Double Beauty product line is based on certified authentic Monoi de Tahiti oil which offers you these benefits:

  • Heals dry, damaged skin & hair

  • Calms skin irritation, redness, stretch marks and scars

  • Restores the elasticity and condition of aging skin

  • Reduces hair breakage by 92%

  • Strengthens and gives shine to thin, frizzy hair

  • Protects skin & hair during sun- or heat exposure and intensifies the tan

    Our products contain no parabens or other preservatives,
    no mineral oil and no silicons. The hypoallergenic oil is suitable for all hair and skin types, even the most sensitive ones, such as babies.

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About Double Beauty 

Double Beauty believes that beauty comes naturally and it’s up to us all to nourish it. Twin sisters Chanyn & Chanaz strive to provide the world with natures best recipes to enhance natural beauty in all of our glorious diversity. We develop
pure natural beauty products and inspire women to lead the healthiest, happiest lifestyle available to them.


What motivates us 

We could have designed a dozen products to make your straight hair curly, or your curly hair straight. We could have worked on a formula to make your pale skin tanned, and your tanned skin pale. Here’s the thing though... We love your natural beauty! We believe you are unique and inspiring. That is why we create products that bring out the best in you. Our core value is to help you nourish your nature rather than working against it. This is who we are. Our mission is to empower you to embrace your natural beauty and get the best out of it in a healthy, natural way.


“Your natural beauty is unique and inspiring. Love and nourishment will help you get the best out of it.”


“There is no need for chemicals when natures ingredients are so close to perfection.”