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FAQ Product Questions


  • Will my products be all natural and Organic? 

Yes, Double Beauty only produces Natural and Organic products! So anything that we offer under our own brand is a minimum of 99% natural.

The Natural Make-up products by Everyday Minerals are also 100% Natural and Vegan Made from pure minerals. 

However we do offer some products by other vendors, which we believe are helpful for all naturalistas. These may not be natural or organic, but will 100% be NON TOXIC! That we promise you! If the product is natural and organic we will always say so in the product description. 

  • How long will my Double Beauty Products last? 

Between 4 - 8 months depending on how long/thick your hair is and how often you use them

  • Do I need to Refrigerate my products? 

No, our products contain natural preservatives like Tocopherol ( Vitamin E) and Citric Acid. Just keep the products on a cool dark place to maintain the best quality. 

  • Will my products be Vegan?

Yes, except for the Silk products all our products are Vegan. We use only 100% Real Mulberry Silk which can only be produced by silkworms.