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Video 3: Checklist..

How are you feeling, Queen? I know you have probably done your first hair treatment by now. And I'm sure you must be noticing the difference. 

Make sure to get the maximum results of these hair treatments and follow the checklist. 



  • Did you spritz water on you hair before your Split Ends treatment?
  • Did you work in sections during the whole routine?
  • Did you cleanse your scalp with the conditioner?
  • Did you apply the Coco Dream treatment to your scalp as well
  • Did you focus on your ends while applying the Coco Dream Treatment
  • Did you refrain from using a styling product?
  • Did you detangle while hair was wet and covered in conditioner?


Product Tip!

Perfect to ensure hold and definition on your natural hair look. The conditioning ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Provitamin B5 make sure your hair stays healthy and soft.